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About UGA Experience

Explore campus with UGA Experience

A glimpse into campus life.

Imagine being inside roaring Sanford Stadium during a football game, or walking around the iconic Arch for the first time without even setting foot on the University of Georgia campus. UGA Experience can give you an immersive preview into your life as a future Georgia Bulldawg.

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This week we are making our wireframe. We employed indigo studio and ended up with a very basic presentable version of this website. You can browse that wireframe here. Feel free to leave us comments to help us improve.

Welcome to UGAexperience

Welcome to the UGAexperience blog! Here you’ll be able to find information and updates about upcoming videos and other projects. Feel free to leave us a comment or video suggestion. We hope you enjoy your experience with us! We’re hard at work ironing out the details of UGAexperience and hopefully we’ll have our first official video up here soon. Be sure to check back!