Welcome to UGAexperience!

Imagine being inside roaring Sanford Stadium during a football game, or walking around the iconic Arch for the first time without even setting foot on the University of Georgia campus. UGA Experience can give you an immersive preview into your life as a future Georgia Bulldawg.

Why UGA Experience?

When applying to college, visiting campus is an important part of every student’s decision process.

Students need to feel comfortable in the environment where they will spend the next four years of their life, and the best way for them to determine if the culture of a university fits is by exploring the campus and student life.

But for some students, campus tours are sometimes not an option. Visiting campuses can be difficult due to many external factors including cost, time and distance.

UGA Experience is changing that – it’s bringing the campus to you.

UGA Experience is a virtual reality, 360-degree tour of the University of Georgia campus. Anyone, regardless of their physical location or financial situation, can preview the life of a Georgia Bulldawg with UGA Experience.

Using UGA Experience, you can choose between an immersive tour of various locations  around our 759-acre campus or several, brief “experience” videos that showcase the essence of student life that traditional tours just can’t capture.